What really goes on behind the scenes on a fashion shoot…

To get the results of the more often than not, amazing images for brands, magazines, advertising etc, there may well be blood sweat and tears… literally!!

Quite often there will be some element to contend with, even the most planned and organised shoots can have unpredictable twists and turns. I have chosen to talk to you about an editorial I did early last year. This one sticks in my mind particularly because it was one of those days which felt like everything was against us however the end result was amazing!


It was a freezing cold day so naturally we were on location (meaning, outside… battling the elements!). I always feel for the models on these type of shoots, we are freezing our asses of bundled up in layers and scarfs while they have to pretend it is the middle of summer while wearing next to nothing!! The team on this shoot consisted of my partner in crime Lauren Marsh – Fashion Photographer, Lucy Treivnor – Fashion Stylist and Alina Von Olnhausen from First Model Management.

The day started with me feeling like I couldn’t get out of bed!! I had the worst cold and had been up all night feeling sick!! Bundling up myself and my kit onto the train to Waterloo armed with all the lemsip in the world to meet the team… The day started well with me not being able to find the model (I was in the wrong place!) and the rest of the team running late as they were waiting on a final piece from a designer! As with all location shoots and editorials we have to find somewhere to set up base to do hair and makeup and get changed. We were lucky enough to find a warm quiet corner in the Southbank centre to set up… Lemsip kicking in I set out developing the first look…


I prepped Alinas’ skin, making sure properly clean and moisturised. The theme of the shoot was an urban chic feel, I wanted the makeup to complement but not overpower. I went for a simple pink smokey eye to offset the green in the first look. I kept the skin clear with a peachy blush and nude lip.


As there was quite a lot of colour going on with all the outfits I kept the hair simple, pulled back into a low chic ponytail, with a piece of hair wrapped around the band, my ‘signature look’ as Lauren calls it! Pictured above is the team at work, keeping warm in the process!


Being on location often means we are carting our kit around with us and getting changed behind whatever we can utilise. The glamour is real!!! Lucy here is helping Alina with her shoes.


This look was vamped up with a red lip and a little brown eyeliner, the hair was pulled out of the ponytail a little to give it a ‘lived in’ feel.


On a shoot it is not just the face that needs attention… here I am taking the redness off Alinas’ knees with a little concealer. I will always moisturise the arms and legs during a shoot as this helps to keep it looking smooth. I will often add concealer to hands, knees and elbows and any other areas that need attention.


So many elements go into getting the perfect image… The angle, the natural and artificial light, the reflector and the models position… it’s like a scientific puzzle and Lauren always gets it spot on. Here Lauren and her assistant Rachel in action with the reflector, the red light to the left actually ended up creating a really nice feel to the final image.


The final outcome of this editorial was really lovely and the whole team was happy with the results. The cold and lack of shelter was worth it to produce some really great images. The editorial was accepted and featured in Feroce Magazine in May last year.

For the full editorial please visit my portfolio at the link: https://neecolcorry.com/projects/6460332

Photographer: Lauren Marsh – http://www.laurenmarsh.co.uk

Stylist: Lucy Trievnor – http://www.lucytrievnor.com

Model: Alina @ http://www.firstmodelmanagement.co.uk

Hair and Makeup: Neecol Corry – http://www.neecolcorry.com


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